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Get Fit by the Pool this Year with Fit3D – The Ultimate Summer Bootcamp

Doychin Karshovski and Want2goFit are back for another exciting outdoor fitness season!

The Fit3D Fitness Bootcamp by the Pool is a summer long program.

The classes employ H.I.I.T. (high intensity interval training) and in water exercises to shock your body day after day so that you can finally beat those last few pounds. H.I.I.T. raises your heart rate during workouts and keeps it at a high level. This boosts your metabolism and allows your body to burn calories well after you are done working out, whether you are the golf course or grilling out with friends.


Doychin Karshovski is an award winning athlete having received the highest award in Bulgaria: Master of Sport in Marine Pentathlon (swimming, cross country, shooting, sailing, rowing). At 16 years old he was the youngest person to ever win this award. After moving to the United States Doychin decided to start Want2GoFit, a personal fitness practice aimed at teaching people how to naturally incorporate a wide variety of physical activities in their lifestyle in order to lead a long and healthy life.

SIGN UP  for STAND UP PADDLE YOGA @ IHC FRIDAY, JULY 14TH 6:30-7:30pm! $40/pp The class is provided by FloatYourMat During the practice the board is brought to the edge of the pool so you will be able to stay dry:) The boards are then connected to the lane line giving them plenty of movement. We start by focusing on connecting to your breathe through gentle asanas (poses) and feeling the water beneath you. The entire class is spent on a SUP Yoga Board, learning to connect with your body and practice in a very unique experience. The water creates a peaceful atmosphere yet challenges your balance in an entirely different way than land practice. You will feel the subtle body awaken and your mind body relationship quickly shift. Clare will take you through a gentle flow gradually diving deeper into the practice and more advanced asanas as you find your balance. This practice is meant to be joyful and fun, with options available for all levels and ages. The practice closes with a seated flow leading you into a blissful Savasana.


Monday and Thursday : 10:30 am
Wednesday: 6:30 pm Saturday: 8:30am

The morning classes will be dry sessions and the evening class will be a combination of dry and wet (yes, you’ll be swimming!). So, you can attend up to 4 times per week!

This year on the Saturdays we will be mixing it up with Yoga and Paddle Board Classes.


Drop in: $25
One Month Single Pass: $300
One Month Family Pass: $350 (up to 5 family members attending classes together)
All Season Family Plan: $405 (up to 5 family members attending classes together)

Buy Your Pass Before May 25th and receive 10% cash back at your first class!

Holders of All Season Family Plans get one In Home Fitness/Wellness Session from Want2goFit LLC – $125 value

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