Pandemic – Adult Child @ Home

Pandemic – Adult Child @ Home – 2021 Season Access

The IH Club Board has created an accommodation for the 2021 Season for memberships where the pandemic may have led to adult children (over the age of 19 for couple, single, or senior memberships or over the age of 25 for family memberships) to be living in their parents’ home.  Such adult children may have access to the club for the cost of a Seasonal Guest Pass (i.e. a person residing with a member, but not otherwise eligible to use the facility under the Club’s rules (a “houseguest”) for $150 + tax. The Seasonal Guest Pass is good for the entire season. The Seasonal Guest Pass entitles the houseguest access to the Club facilities with or without the member present on the facility, so long as the age requirements outlined above are satisfied. The Seasonal Guest pass does not entitle the houseguest to any team membership or guest privileges. Charge privileges are only available to a houseguest with a completed permission form from the host member.