2023 Season – Board of Directors and Chairs

Geoff Grant, Voting DirectorPresidentPresident@ihclub.com
Art McMahon, Voting DirectorVP
Jonathon MartinTreasurer
Susan Tracy, Voting DirectorCommunications ChairInfo@ihclub.com
Rachel Cass, Voting Director
Tennis ChairTennis@ihclub.com
Molly Franz, Voting DirectorSwim ChairSwim@ihclub.com
Jonathan Behrens, Voting Director
Facilities Chair
Stephanie Hogue, Voting DirectorMember at Large
Geoff LederSecretary

Sue Francisco, Voting DirectorMembership ChairMembership@ihclub.com
Shellie LederDive ChairDive@ihclub.com
Sabrina ManningClub ManagerManager@ihclub.com
Tricia GottliebSocial ChairSocial@ihclub.com
Jess ReplogleMember at Large