Waitlist FAQs

How do I put my name on the Indian Hill Club wait list?

To add your name to the IHC wait list, click here and fill out our online form.

Do I need to be a resident of Indian Hill to submit an application?

No.  There are no residency requirements to submit an application.   Please note, if a wait list exists for a certain membership class, the club gives membership preference first to residents of IH Village and second to residents within the Indian Hill Exempted Village School District.

What is the cost to add my name to the wait list?

There is no cost to add your name to the wait list.

I have submitted my application.  How do I know my rank?

Send an email to membership@ihclub.com

How many new members are there every year?

The number of offers the board makes varies from year to year depending on several factors including how many memberships have resigned.

How long is the wait for family membership?

This is dependent on the number of current members that renew each spring.   Rolling offers are made based on current members resigning right up until opening day.  No applicants will receive an offer after opening day for the current season.  Submit your application as early as possible.

What is the cost of joining IHC?

Please visit this link for detail.

If my name comes up for membership, do I have to say “yes” that year or may I defer until it works better for me and my family?  How quickly must I decide?

Yes, you may defer for one season.   If your name comes up for membership you will need to decide within four days of notification if you will join for the current season or defer until the next season.   If you choose to defer, you will need to join the following season, or your name will be put at the end of the wait list.

I didn’t get in this season.  Do I need to submit another application to be considered for next season?

Your application will remain on the wait list until you receive an offer, or you cancel your application by emailing membership@ihclub.com. There is no need to submit another application.

What do I do if my contact information changes?

If you move or change email addresses, it is your responsibility to update us by emailing membership@ihclub.com.   If we are unable to reach you by email when your name comes up for membership, we will have to remove your name and move on to the next family on the wait list.