Dive Team FAQs

What’s the youngest age my child can dive?

No particular age limit. We’ve had kids dive at the age of 5. If they have a desire, we would love to have them. The coaches will chat with you if they think the child is just a bit too young. Certainly, your child should be able to swim across the deep end unassisted and be able to pay attention and follow simple instructions.

What if my child wants to dive but is afraid?

Well, Steve will work his magic, but if that doesn’t work, you can always try again next year. The Wahoo Diving Team is all about LEARNING HOW TO DIVE in a Fun, Safe and Low Pressure Environment.

How do I sign up?

Come to Open Registration, click on the Registration Link , call Shellie Leder or email ihcdive@gmail.com .

Are we required to purchase a TEAM SUIT? And where do we get them?

No. You don’t have to get the team suit. We find that most kids feel more comfortable as part of the group, but its fine to wear whatever. (And NO, boys DO NOT have to wear a “Speedo”!) To purchase a team suit: Swimville provides suits at a discount. They will be at the Sunday Memorial Weekend sign up.

What if we sign up for diving and my child attends a few practices and decides they don’t like it?

Call or come to me (Shellie Leder) and we can chat. Depending on how soon you decide to quit, will depend on if we can refund the fee or not. Typically, in the past, I have been very understanding.  We aim to please.

Do I have to pay upfront or can you charge our membership account?

We prefer to take your membership number and it will show up on your first bill from the IHC.

What if I have conflicts with practice times or my child goes away to camp for a week and misses diving?

Despite that we practice 5 days a week (because the season is very short), we understand all types of conflicts. Just come chat with me (Shellie Leder) or Steve or Bea and let us know what’s going on. Our Wednesday practice is at night this year (6-8pm) so we can catch those kids who have other obligations during the morning practice. We know this is summer and we want the kids to have fun. The ONLY thing we would ask you, as parents/caretakers, is to think about going on vacation AFTER the CHAMP Meet, which is held this year on Monday, July 8th, 2019 at Terrace Park CC. The issue is that your child and coaches work really hard all season to get the kids ready for the Champs and we like to see all the hard work come to fruition. However, do what you have to do. We won’t hold it against you! (If possible, try to schedule your vacation after the season or at least not at the same time as the Champ Meet). If you know that your child will miss a scheduled meet(s), please notify the coaches as much in advance as possible. This will make it easier for them to set the meet line-up each week.


Well, they will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays and start at 4 and end around 6. Divers usually have to be at the pool at 3:00 p.m. for home meets and 3:30 p.m. for away meets. The kids dive in their age groups and typically we start at 8 and under; 9-10; 11-12; 13-14; 15-18.  When you are finished diving, you may leave. That means the 8 and unders are usually out of there by 4:15!

The 8 and under age group is required to do 2 dives in a meet. During the first meet of the season, a front jump counts as a dive AND the coaches are allowed to get on the board and help the kids with a new dive, such as a back dive.

  • 9-10 age group is required to do 3 dives in a meet.
  • 11-12 and 13-14 age groups are required to do 4 dives in a meet.
  • 5-18 age group is required to do 5 dives in a meet.

NOTE- A diver’s age is determined by how old the diver will be on June 1st of the current year.

IF YOUR CHILD can’t do the required number of dives by the time there is a meet, then they won’t be in the meet. We’d love for them to come out and watch if they want to cheer the team on but they certainly do not have to. Steve and Piper will chat with you on meet day or before to let you know if your child isn’t ready yet. But, we’ll keep practicing and go for the next meet. 

For the Champ Meet, the divers will need to know ONE ADDITIIONAL DIVE than they normally do in a dual meet. Please note that a front dive in the pike position and a front dive in the straight position are NOT two different dives – they are the same dive in different positions so this would NOT be allowed.

Meet Scoring

Only 2 divers in each age group (boys and girls) actually dive for points (for the team). The rest of the divers in that age group will dive as EXHIBITION divers and will receive an exhibition ribbon for participating in the meet. The ‘point divers’ will receive 1st/2nd/3rd place ribbons. DEPENDING on who we are diving against, and what dives the kids are able to do, Steve and Piper will decide IF that child will dive for points or exhibition. They make their decision usually day of meet. Yes, sometimes an exhibition diver will score higher than their ‘pointer’ counter-part, but thems the breaks. At the Indian Hill Club, we have always strived to allow each kid to reach his full potential and to participate as much as possible.

The coaches try to make sure that every diver gets the chance to dive “for real” at least once during the season. However, sometimes this is NOT possible due to a particular age group having many divers or perhaps the number of dives your child can really do at the time of the meet. There is some strategy that goes into who dives for points in which meet etc…..We’d be happy to discuss further if you would like…..When does my child receive their ribbons from the meet? Steve and Piper will hand them out at the next mornings practice. (usually Friday’s). Then the divers have a treat and play pool games.

How do I get to the AWAY MEETS?

We will distribute directions and also have them available on the 7-Hills League web site at www.7hillsleague.org

What about bad weather for practices or meets?

We usually wait as long as possible before canceling a practice or meet. We won’t dive in lightening, even if it’s distant, but we will dive if it’s just raining. You can always call the club and inquire or call Shellie Leder at 513.520-8071.

Method of Team Communication

We will put together an IHC Diving Team e-mail Distribution List. Steve or I will send out weekly e-mails to all the divers to remind them of the schedule for that week. If you would like to add a work e-mail, etc. in addition to your home e-mail, please be sure to write both of them on your registration papers. Other than a quick chat at the Club, e-mail will be the best and preferred way to communicate with the coaches or me.

Are private diving lessons available?

Yes! Bea Fries will be available throughout the season and even after. Just send her an e-mail or chat with her regarding her availability at practice.

Who do we dive against?

IHC is part of the 7 Hills League, which consists of the following teams:

  • Indian Hill Club
  • Forest Hills Swim Club
  • Miami Hills Swim Club
  • Turpin Hills Swim Club
  • Normandy Swim Club
  • Terrace Park Swim Club