Pool and Playground Rules

All pools have health and safety rules that we ask everyone to understand and follow. The lifeguards are responsible for enforcing these rules in order to PREVENT accidents from occurring. We realize that during low attendance, some of the rules may not seem appropriate. However, in order to maintain consistency between the staff and pool users at our pool, the lifeguards are instructed to enforce the rules at all times.

  The IHC Management and Board reserve the right to update such protocols as needed throughout the summer to maintain compliance or remove restrictions.   

Here is a link to the Membership Code of Conduct.  All members must agree to this to visit the club.

Please Read the Basic Rules Listed Here For Your Safety

This list is not all inclusive or legally complete and no liability is assumed for completeness. The lifeguards have the authority to enforce new rules as needed. The lifeguards have the authority to impose more stringent rules for the safety and enjoyment of pool users.

  • No running.
  • Starting blocks are for swim team only.
  • Lap Pool is for swimming laps only.
  • Excessive splashing, shoving, chicken fights, and dunking are prohibited.
  • Food is not allowed on the pool deck. Please use designated areas.
  • For safety reasons, large rafts, oversized tubes and high powered water guns are permitted by pool manager at IHC sponsored events only.
  • No glass containers of any type are allowed in the pool area.
  • No Flotation devices allowed in the deep end.
  • Persons with open cuts, sores, bandages, colds, coughs or infected eyes are not permitted in the pool.
  • The pool may be closed for maintenance purposes, health conditions, weather or any other reason deemed sufficient by the pool manager.
  • Upon seeing lightning or hearing thunder, the lifeguards will clear the pool. As mandated by the American Red Cross, the pool must remain cleared 30 minutes from the last clap of thunder OR 30 minutes from the last bolt of lightning, whichever is longer. In the event of a storm, the pool will be closed and the premises cleared. The pool will reopen if the weather clears in time.
  • Flotation devices MUST be American Red Cross or Coast Guard approved – no water wings permitted.

Diving Area Rules

  • Only one person on the diving board at a time.
  • Only one bounce before jumping off the diving board.
  • Running is not allowed on the diving board.
  • Diving Board line forms on the stairs, NOT on the diving platform.
  • Make sure the diving pool area is clear before you dive.
  • Forward dives only unless during dive practice.
  • Once you have completed your dive, immediately swim to the nearest ladder.
  • Please do not sit on the railings.
  • Do not adjust the fulcrum. It can only be adjusted during dive team practice.

Baby Pool Rules

  • The “kiddie pool” is for babies and children under the age of 6 with direct adult supervision by parents or baby-sitters. No Lifeguard on duty. Children in the baby pool area must be accompanied by an adult or caregiver at all times.
  • Absolutely no diving, jumping, or running into or around the baby pool.
  • All non potty-trained children must wear certified swim diapers or disposable Little Swimmies in the pool.
  • Do NOT change diapers on the chairs or pool deck, please use the changing table in the restrooms.

Playground Rules

  • The playground is for children 12 and under.
  • Adults or caregivers are responsible for their children.
  • Wait for the person in front of you to move out of the way at the bottom of the slide.
  • Do not walk up the slide.
  • Do not push, kick or pull another child.