Guest Policies

Guest Policy

All guests must be accompanied by a member.  No person may be a guest at the IHC more than 3 times in any calendar month, regardless of how many members extend an invitation.  No guests are permitted on the Monday of Memorial Day weekend or July 4th.   Grandchildren of members are welcome at the IHC at any time of the day, at no charge, and are not subject to the visit limitation noted above.  They may visit as often as the member wishes to bring them.  All guests will be required to register at the front desk.  The guest fee is $10 per person per visit.  There is no charge for children under two years.

Booking a Party at the IHC

Parties or get togethers consisting of more than 10 non-member guests must make prior arrangements with management at least 2 weeks in advance.  Parties may not be booked on a holiday weekend.  A ratio of  5 to 1, child to adult, is required for all parties.  To ensure proper lifeguard coverage, parties expecting more than 40 non-member guests will be charged an additional guard fee of $20/hour.  Any parties expecting more than 50 non-member guests will require prior approval from the Board.  For parties of this size a minimum of 4 weeks advanced notice is required.  On the day of the party, the front desk will record your party guests.  Standard guest fees for non-members apply during parties.  After the party, you will receive a copy of your registered guests and the system will invoice you for the guest fees.  You only pay for people who actually show up.

To book a party, please email the IHC manager at, with your requested date, time frame and number of people (member and non-member) expected to attend.

Inter-Club Guests

A guest to an inter-club meet or match is an individual whose sole purpose in visiting the Club is to participate in or observe a swim team or diving team meet or a tennis match. This guest does not need to be sponsored by a member and will be admitted free. (An observer to an inter-club tournament will be charged an admission fee per League regulation.) Such a guest shall be expected to depart Club property immediately upon the conclusion of the meet or match.

House Guest Pass

A person residing with a member, but not otherwise eligible to use the facility under the Club’s rules (a “houseguest”) may visit the Club under the daily rates listed above. In the alternative, a member may purchase a Seasonal Guest Pass for the houseguest for $150 + tax. The Seasonal Guest Pass is good for the entire season. The Seasonal Guest Pass entitles the houseguest access to the Club facilities with or without the member present on the facility, so long as the age requirements outlined above are satisfied. The Seasonal Guest pass does not entitle the houseguest to any team membership. Charge privileges are only available to a houseguest with a completed permission form from the host member.

Transferable Caregiver Pass

A caregiver of minor children may visit the Club under the daily rates listed above. In the alternative, a member may purchase a Transferable Caregiver Pass for $100 + tax. The Transferable Caregiver Pass is good for the entire season. A Transferable Caregiver Pass entitles any caregiver of a member’s minor children to use the Club facilities during such times that the caregiver is responsible for the children and a parent is not present. A caregiver may not use the Club’s facilities during such times that the caregiver is not acting in the capacity of a caregiver.  The caregiver must be 16 years of age or older.