By Steve Voellmecke — IHC Diving Coach

At The Indian Hill Club, we like to say that “Every Day is a GREAT Day for Diving”! The Wahoo Diving Team has enjoyed unparalleled success over the past three decades in the Seven Hills League and one reason for that success is the diving facility at which we have the privilege of training on a daily basis during the summer season.

When you enter the IHC — the first thing that catches your eye is the diving well — a “one of a kind” facility that is the finest in the entire Tri-State area. We are the ONLY Summer Swim Club within 100 miles (or more) that has a concrete pedestal on which two Duraflex Short Stands with “top of the line” Maxiflex Model B “Cheeseboards”  are installed. All aspects of our diving well meet or exceed the international standards for a competitive 1 Meter Diving Board.

The size of the IHC diving pedestal is unusual in that it is larger than any found at any Division 1 College in every state that touches Ohio and beyond — with the possible exception of the Ohio State University 3 Meter Pedestal which holds THREE diving boards.

Although 1 Meter Diving is not an Olympic Event, it is a contested event at both The World Championships and The World Cup. All international diving events (including the Olympic Games) are required to be held on Competition Model 16′ Maxiflex Model B “Cheeseboards”  attached to Duraflex “Short Stands” that are mounted to concrete pedestals — the very same equipment and set-up that we have at The Indian Hill Club.  In theory, the IHC could host the 1 Meter Event for The World Championships!

The large diving pedestal is very versatile as well. It has been used for many other things over the years including Wahoo Swim and Dive Team Photos; a Stage for both Awards’ Ceremonies and musical acts that perform at parties and the scene of countless memories made over the years.

We are very proud of our Wahoo Diving Heritage at the IHC and look to continue our tradition of excellence for many years to come. LET’S DIVE!