Swim Team FAQs

Are practices held on days of the meet?

Yes, regular morning practice will be held on day of a meet.

What are the procedures for a meet?

  • Coaches will choose swimmers for each event according to their times and the needs of the team.
  • The meet line-up will be posted at the Thursday practice before the meet.
  • Swimmers who must miss practice the morning of a meet, but wish to swim in the meet, must inform the Head Coach beforehand.
  • All swimmers 10 and younger must be accompanied by an adult at meets.
  • Parents of 8 and under team members must make certain that their swimmers are with their group or Parent Helper OR are with you at all times during the meet. Meets can be very confusing for the younger swimmers.

What is the order of events at a meet?

Boys in each age group swim first, followed by girls of that age group. Youngest age to oldest in each event.

Event Order and Numbering:

  • 1-10 All medley relays
  • 79-80 6 and under 25 Freestyle
  • 11-20 All individual short (25 meter) Freestyle
  • 21-30 Butterfly
  • 81-82 6 and under 25 meter Backstroke
  • 31-40 Backstroke
  • 41-50 Freestyle
  • 51-60 Breaststroke
  • 61-62 8 and under Freestyle Relay
  • 63-70 All Individual Medleys
  • 71-78 All Freestyle Relays

Where do I get team suits?

The team suit is optional. They can be ordered from Swimville. You can visit their store at 7714 Montgomery Rd in Kenwood. Their phone number is (859) 441-7946. Please contact Jessica or Lisa with questions.

Some of the boys prefer “jammers” while others prefer “briefs.” Either is fine. Photos of each are available on-line.

What if the weather is bad?

If it is pouring rain and/or there is lightening, practice will be cancelled. If you are unsure, please call the Club at 561-6130. The manager and coaches will make the decision. Meets may be delayed, but rarely cancelled due to the weather. Always arrive on time unless you hear otherwise from the coaches or staff. Remember to sign up for text notifications!

When do I arrive for the meets?

The coaches will tell your children at practice. You will also receive an email with meet instructions each week in case your children do not tell you or remember.

How long do meets last?

Good question! Meets start at 6:30 p.m. and usually end by 9.00 to 10:00 p.m. If we swim against large teams, or have a weather delay, the meet can last longer. Occasionally a meet will end earlier than stated above, but don’t count on it.

Do I need to be a good swimmer to join the team?

Not necessarily. You do need to be able to swim one entire lap, ½ lap on your back and tread water for 30 seconds.

How do I know what I swim at the meets?

The line-up and who is swimming each event will be posted at the meet in the team area.

When can I go home from a meet?

Like all sports, we want you to stay for the entire meet and cheer for your team mates. See your coaches after each event that you swim so they can give you some feedback on how you are doing.

Where can I find driving directions to the away swim meets?

Directions for all swim meets can be found on the 7 Hill League web site: www.7hillsleague.org or on our site here.