Courts & Key Club


At this time the upper courts are available for Tennis for members who do not plan to come inside the club when they play.   The courts will be opened when the pool opens for the day and locked at 8:30 pm every night.   Members can use the reservation system to reserve court time 2 days in advance.   We ask the you reserve a maximum of 2 hours of court time a day.  If more time is available feel free to use but do not book in advance.   Gate will be open for non contact.    Use of the Lower Courts will require a reserved Pool Pod

Tennis Reservations 

Tennis Courts

The Indian Hill Club has five clay (Har-Tru) courts. Courts 1 and 2 are located near the parking lot and 3, 4, and 5 are located west of the competition pool. All of the courts have been resurfaced for the season, and are in tip-top shape. The clay tennis courts are maintained daily by our resident Har-Tru expert, Jack Wineland.

Key Club


Two of the IHC tennis courts are available for play starting May 1st, before the club opens for the season. These two courts are courts #1 and 2 and are located adjacent to the parking lot. After the closing of the Club season and before the opening of the next season, use of the courts is restricted to members who have purchased keys for the Key Club.

Membership in the Key Club is $50.00 per family per year, plus a one-time refundable (upon return of key) $10 deposit. This includes both spring and fall seasons which, under normal circumstances, begin on or about May 1 and end on or about October 15. Contact Sydney Warm at to obtain a key.

Key Club members need to note that it is the responsibility of the last member using the tennis courts to secure all gates with the locks provided.

Key Club membership allows you to play tennis as early as 6:30am and past closing time at 9 pm during the summer months until Labor Day. If you enjoy playing tennis in the morning before the pool opens this is a great way to do it. The Key Club membership also allows you to play on the upper courts through September after the pool has shut down for the year. The cost for this is only $50 charged and can be charged to your IHC account.