Membership Terms and Conditions

I/We acknowledge that I/we have received, reviewed, and agree to be bound by the OperatingRules, and the Amended and Restated Code of Regulations, respectively, of the Indian Hill Club, and theterms and conditions therein.

I also understand and accept that as a member of this Club, I bear responsibility for all houseaccount charges, including, but not limited to, guest fees, concession charges, tennis lessons, swimlessons, swim team fees, dive team fees and any other fees incurred (“Fees”).

If you terminate your membership prior to payment in full of all outstanding Fees, including dues,assessments and initiation fees, you agree to make prompt payment to the Club of all outstanding Fees,dues, assessments and initiation fees. If you fail to make prompt payment and the Club is forced to takelegal action against you, you agree to reimburse the Club for all attorney fees and costs incurred by the Club.

I am also aware that diving, swimming and other water sport activities (the “Activities”) involverisks including risk of personal injury, death, property damage, expense and related loss, including loss ofincome. Included in these risks are negligence on the part of Indian Hill Club, its directors, officers,owners, affiliates, officials, employees, guests and volunteers, and other swimmers, divers or water sportactivity participants (collectively “the Club and Others”). I freely accept and fully assume all such risksand the possibility of personal injury, death, property damage, expense and related loss, including loss of income.

In consideration of Indian Hill Club accepting my registration and permitting me to participate inthe Activities, I and all others under my membership agree:

  1. To waive, release and forever discharge any and all claims, whether known or unknown, that I nowhave or may have in the future against the Club and Others and covenant not to sue the Club and Othersor file any complaint with any federal, state or local agency or in any court against the Club and Othersrelated or attributable in any way to my participation in the Activities.
  2. To release the Club and Others from any and all liability for any personal injury, death, propertydamage, expense and related loss, including but not limited to loss of income or loss of consortium that Ior my next of kin may suffer as a result of my participation in the Activities, due to any cause whatsoever,including negligence, breach of contract or breach of any statutory duty of care.
  3. To hold harmless and indemnify the Club and Others from any and all liability for any damage, lossliability or claims of any third party, including but not limited to claims for loss of income or loss ofconsortium, resulting from, arising out of or in connection with my participation in the Activities.
  4. That this agreement is binding on not only myself but my next of kin, heirs, executors, administratorsand assigns.
  5. That this Agreement shall be governed by and construed under the internal substantive laws of the Stateof Ohio.

Finally, I understand that should I desire to terminate my membership, I must notify theClub accountant in writing/email, prior to March 1 of the year of termination. I understand thatfailure to notify the Club Accountant in writing, prior to March 30 of the year of terminationresults in an automatic renewal of my membership for that given year.